Friday, April 4, 2008

Club Makokola in Malawi...

In this post we are featuring Club Makokola in Malawi:

A beach scene on Lake Malawi at Club Makokola

A golf course at Club Makokola

Entrance to Club Makokola

The wonderful swimming pools

Golden sands of Lake Malawi beaches at Club Makokola

All photos are copyrighted to MALAWI-TRAVEL.COM


MamaFlo said...

Such beautiful photos of place in your country!
I hope to someday visit Africa but it will need to be after much of the unrest stabilizes.

Malawi moto said...

mamaflo: Thanx for your comment. You are most welcome to Malawi! It is just unfortunate that most people think that there is war in all countries in Africa which is not true. For example, Malawi has never been at all war since we got political independence from Britain in 1964.

Jacob said...

I wish to visit this place soon

Anonymous said...

Memory Lane! not sure if this site is even up and running. The company cottage was right next door to Club Mak - which was very useful as a teenager. I used to ski for many years with the waitor who for many years graced the airports etc holding a drink. After heavy floods (76'?) we relocated back to Cape Maclear. Wow still looks great; will definelty be back to show the kids where i grew up! Gordon