Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More views from Zomba town in Malawi (2)

More pictures from Zomba town in Malawi
as captured by different photographers

A view of Zomba town from Zomba Plateau

Zomba town lies on the eastern side of Zomba Plateau

A scene in Zomba market with a profile of
Zomba Plateau at a distance

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Anonymous said...

we need more zomba pics buddy. but know dat you rock. try interesting places like chawe and botanical garden

Anonymous said...

zomba is my hometown.. where i was born in the malemia hospital( now closed) and lived there for 18 years.. it was so great to see these pics..

Nic ozeana said...

Visiting Zomba and Zomba Plateau in June. Thanks for the pics , this makes me even more exited!

Christi said...