Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pictures from Lifupa in Kasungu National Park in Malawi

Impalas in the Park

Elephants and hippos at Lifupa Dam in the Park

Birdlife is also plentiful in the park

Mr. Chameleon?

Sunrise over Lifupa Dam

A view to the Miondwe mountain from the Park

The vast wilderness of Kasungu National Park in Malawi

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Lifupa lodge, with the Lifupa dam in the background,
in Kasungu National Park in Malawi

Lifupa lodge...

Lifupa Lodge at night

Preceding 4 photos are credited arthurchengjca


LPG said...

Beatifull country because there are not many cars! My country (Italy) and my country where I live are all cars!!! cars cars ... cars ... cars... NO CAR!!!! NO CAR!

Anonymous said...

Lifupa Lodge! Great lodge, great welcome and very nice people1