Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pictures from Livingstonia in Rumphi, northern Malawi

Pictures from Livingstonia in northern Malawi as
captured by different photographers

The beginning of a 15km winding road from
Chitimba on the shores of Lake Malawi up to
Livingstonia on the Livingstonia Plateau.
The road has 21 sharp bends and it is locally
known as the "Golodi" road.

At Livingstonia ...

At Livingstonia ...

Preceding 3 photos are credited to andresfib

A view of Lake Malawi from the Livingstonia "Golodi" road

A "short-cut" path to Livingstonia. This is just near
the top of the Livingstonia Plateau in Malawi

Another view...

The church at Livingstonia

The 125m Manchewe waterfall at Livingstonia, Malawi

Preceding 5 photos are credited to leeabroad.

The David Gordon Memorial Hospital at Livingstonia

The Church at Livingstonia

A view of Lake Malawi from Livingstonia

Preceding 4 photos are credited to paulshaffner


Mini Medic :) said...

Thanks for this wonderful blog! I'm off to Malawi in a few weeks and it's great to see parts beforehand. I'll try and remember to send some photos your way when I return :)

Bennett Kankuzi said...

@mini-medic: You are most welcome to Malawi and I wish you a wonderful stay in Malawi :). Pliz remember to send us the photos so that we may share with the rest of the world on this blog. Thank you so much!